FITC Amsterdam 09 Design.Technology.Cool Shit.

Om FITC Amsterdam 2009:

            FITC Amsterdam 2009 Design. Technology. Cool Shit.
                                 Amsterdam, NL Feb 22-24, 2009

"Flash takes a central role in this month's FITC Amsterdam 2009 event, teasing us with the slogan "Design. Technology. Cool Shit." FITC (originally called "Flash in the Can", with the "Can" inspired by their Canadian nationality) have been hosting events and conferences around the world, hitting Europe for the first time last winter with a sell-out debut Flash conference in Amsterdam." (Time Out Amsterdam Feb. 2009)

Latest Updates on FITC Amsterdam 2009:
* 2 full days and nights of events, plus 1 day of optional pre-festival workshops
* Over 50 presentations and panels covering the Creative, Technical, and Business aspects of Flash and digital media
* Over 500 attendees from around the globe
* Over 50 internationally renowned design and technology presenters
* Includes three FITC evening events (

"FITC has held 17 events over 7 years, through 9 cities and 4 countries, with over 700 presentations and over 10,000 attendees. From Flash to motion design, to design and creative inspiration, to other technologies like Flex, Air and processing, FITC events stand as unique and exciting events that educate, challenge, and inspire. We began as a Flash festival, and we've kept Flash at the core but have also continued to add more and more diverse presentations over the years, ever expanding the programming of our events." (


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